Some (hopefully) useful sites; contacts, suppliers of art materials, and other artists’ websites are listed here.


If you would like to purchase any of my prints or originals, please follow the link to The Botanical Gallery.



Cornelissen & Son This wonderful shop looks like it has been transported straight from Dickensian London and is known throughout the world as a specialist supplier of art materials. Their Miniature Sables are still amongst the best brushes I have found but I have to confess to straying recently since trying the Isabey 6229 range of Artists' Miniature brushes (size 4 and 6 are my favourites).

Rosemary & Co She makes lovely sable brushes of extremely high quality - and they are very reasonably priced too.

Jackson’s Art Supplies What can I say about this site? I love it and spend far too much money on it. I buy all my paper from them, they will cut it if necessary but I like the Full Imperial sheets and cut them myself. Even more exciting, they now stock the heavenly Daniel Smith range of tube watercolours (see below) BUT at about double the price of the US site.

Studio Art Shop Faber Castell's fabulous Polychromos oil-based coloured pencils are good value from this site, along with lots of other artists' neccessities.

Daniel Smith Art Materials This US company makes some very fine tube watercolours and I find their Hansa Yellow Medium a delight to use. I also love their 'quinacridone' colours which are quite amazingly gorgeous.

Dick Blick Art Materials Another fabulous US artists' site. It is a treat to browse but beware of shipping costs if your purchases add up to more than about $30.00. If you are into oil coloured pencils rather than watercolour paints, this is one site where you can obtain the luscious Prismacolor range.

William Cowley Vellum suppliers. As far as I know, the only company in the UK still producing vellum by traditional methods.



London Graphic Centre I've bought daylight lamps, a lightbox and many other useful tools of the trade from this site.

Art Discount Store When I needed a better work-surface I looked at this site and very much liked the professional drawing boards on offer. Many other goodies also online here.

Stiffy Bag - The Art Bag Weird name but great bags, especially good for transporting framed works. Off-the-shelf or made-to-measure from extremely heavyweight shiny silver bubble-wrap.

Regent Envelopes Ltd Good quality greeting card envelopes in a wide range of colours and very reasonably priced, but you have to order lots at a time.

Spink and Thackray Ltd Manufacturers of Solander Boxes. I’ve tried various Solander Box makers and this company offers a very good quality product at a very reasonable price. They are also helpful if you are not sure quite what size to order and are happy to chat about special requirements. I like them very much. They can also emboss your name or other information on the lid in snazzy gold letters.



Martin J Allen has a long list of botanical artists on his site which I love browsing through, particularly when my work isn’t going so well and I want to feel inspired. So I copied his idea onto my site. I hope he approves.

Helen Allen

Martin J Allen

Jenny Barron

Evelyn Binns

Susan Christopher-Coulson

Sally Crosthwaite

Guy William Eves

Leigh Ann Gale

Coral Guest

see also Coral's Blog

Yvonne Hammond

Georita Harriott

Christina Hart-Davies

Mayumi Hashi

Corinne Hills

Heather James

Hilary James

Anna Knights

Alexander Mazurek

Linda Meaney

Annie Morris

Susannah Nicholls

Barbara Oozeerally

Janet Orme

Beth Phillip

Kathy Pickles

Sally Pinhey

Lizzie Sanders

Rosie Sanders

Elaine Searle

Gael Sellwood

Billy Showell

Niki Simpson

Christine Stephenson

Dianne Sutherland

Ann Swan

Meriel Thurstan

Peter Thwaites

Julia Trickey

Jonathan P. Tyler

Sue Wickison

Simon Williams

Jan Wilson




Royal Horticultural Society Their home page.

RHS This link is to the page on the Royal Horticultural Society website about exhibiting botanical artwork at their shows.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society

SBA The Society of Botanical Artists. They hold an annual exhibition in London.



Bath Society of Botanical Artists

Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists

The Hampton Court Palace Florilegium Society

The Northern Society for Botanical Art

The Florilegium Society at Sheffield Botanical Gardens

The South West Society of Botanical Artists

The Worcestershire Society of Botanical Artists




Botanical Art Society of Australia (BASA)

Botanical Art Society of the Sunshine Coast

The Botanical Artists' Society of Queensland

The Dutch Society of Botanical Artists

American Society of Botanical Artists